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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Release Notes - Wwise Unity Integration 2013.2.1

This release delivers the Wwise SDK update for Wwise 2013.2.1, new features including an overhauled distribution, installation and build experience, and bug fixes.


  • Wwise SDK: 2013.2, 2013.2.1
  • Unity: 4.x (3.x is no longer supported)

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows 8 (Metro)
    • Desktop
    • Windows Store App on Intel devices and ARM tablets
  • Windows
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  • Mac OS X (10.6 and above)
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Xbox360
  • PS3

New Features:

  • Unity Integration is now distributed as a Unity asset bundle that contains the target platform version and the desktop version. It can be imported directly into a Unity project, and function in both the Editor and on target devices.
  • A new Wwise menu was added in the Unity Editor UI for the following tasks:
    • Installing the plug-in.
    • Rebuilding the Integration.
    • Converting a SoundBank ID C++ header into its C# version.
  • Build and run applications for multi-architecture platforms (for example, Windows) with Unity 4's Scripting Define Symbols feature.
  • A build script for rebuilding the Integration for any supported platform through the command line.
  • A simplified positioning demo added to the IntegrationDemo.
  • Android: SoundBanks can now be saved in and loaded from the Android Expansion Files (OBB).

Resolved Issues:

  • WG-23781: Bank callback does not work.
  • WG-23734: Marker callback receives garbled strings on Windows platforms.
  • WG-23345: Compiler errors when switching to unsupported platforms in Unity Editor.
  • WG-23436: Unity: listener positioning error due to wrong index type cast.
  • WG-23423: Performance issue with GameObjects in Unity related to component access.
  • WG-22533: Unity: Some API binding functions shouldn't have exception handlers.


  • Simplified iOS plug-in installation and deployment.
  • Updated documentation with more accurate prerequisites and other instructions.


  • The installed file and folder structure is updated for the new distribution method. See Installing or Upgrading the Integration in a Unity Project for details.
  • The plug-ins for multi-architecture platforms are renamed. See BUILD THE APPLICATION FOR A MULTI-ARCHITECTURE PLATFORM for details.
  • On iOS, there is no longer a need to configure Xcode project to find the plug-in library. But a new native API call is needed. See Build for iOS for details.
  • The previous multi-architecture platform build UI script examples are removed.
  • The old build script for the Apple platforms is removed.
  • SWIG is upgraded to 2.0.11. Mac users need to refer to pg_compileswig to update SWIG.