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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Release Notes - Wwise Unity Integration 2014.1

This release delivers the Wwise SDK update for Wwise 2014.1, bug fixes, a new Demonstration scene, and a migration process for projects created with the Wwise Unity Integration 2013.2.

Notable features:

  • Stability fixes
  • Added a demonstration scene
  • Added a migration process for projects created with the 2013.2 Wwise Unity Integration


  • Wwise SDK: 2014.1
  • Unity: 4.x

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  • Mac OS X (10.6 and above)
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PS Vita
  • Windows
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  • Windows 8 (Metro)
    • Desktop
    • Windows Store App on Intel devices and ARM tablets
  • Windows Phone 8.0
  • Xbox360
  • Xbox One

New Features:

  • Added a demonstration scene, available in a separate package. See pg_wwisedemoscene for more information.
  • Added a migration process for projects created with the 2013.2 Wwise Unity Integration.
  • Wwise Components are now referenced by UUID within the Wwise Unity Integration. This allows renaming them in the Wwise Project without breaking the link with the Unity project.
  • Added some customizable triggers for posting events and loading banks. See Adding New Triggers for Wwise Events for more information.
  • Added some customizable callbacks for Wwise events. See How to use AkAmbient with the inspector for more information.
  • Reduced the AkSoundEngine plug-in size.
  • Added an option to create (or destroy) the WwiseGlobal object and the AkListener.

Resolved Issues:

  • WG-25783: Fix a memory leak in the Callback Manager
  • WG-25677: Fix path issues on Mac

Known Issues:

  • WG-25669: Auto Populate of the Wwise Picker doesn't work in the Mac Editor.
  • WG-25733: Cannot build iOS/Mac games using the Windows editor and vice-versa.