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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Release Notes - Wwise Unity Integration 2018.1.5.6835.1288

This release delivers the Wwise SDK update for Wwise 2018.1.5.


  • Wwise SDK: 2018.1.5
  • Unity: Unity 5.6, 2017.4, 2018.1, 2018.2, 2018.3 (Personal or Pro).
    Note: Important note: This integration does not support Unity 4. Compatibility with Unity versions not listed above is not guaranteed.
Platforms: Wwise Unity Integration tested on:
UWP (Universal Windows Platform)
Xbox One
Unity 2018.3.0f2
Magic Leap (Lumin OS) Unity for Magic Leap Technical Preview (Unity-2018.1.0f2-MLTP6 with ML SDK 0.16.0)
Switch Unity for Nintendo Switch 2018.2.16f1 with NintendoSDK 6.4.0

Resolved Issues:

  • WG-36753 Unity Integration now uses premake5 from the SDK to generate its C++ project.
  • WG-39264 Fixed: Console spam when undoing an object containing a Wwise component.
  • WG-39429 Fixed: Advanced platform-specific settings, exposed in the UI, cannot be found.
  • WG-39543 Sound Event in a Timeline will now display a new name when the SoundBanks are generated.
  • WG-39990 Added support for Android ARM64.
  • WG-40006 Added a message to confirm change of plug-in configuration.
  • WG-40565 Fixed: Wwise Unity initialization settings had invalid default values for the Spatial Audio diffraction settings. The defaults have been updated and old projects' defaults will be validated so that they fall within range.
  • WG-40674 Fixed: Compilation error in Unity versions older than 2017.3.
  • WG-40992 Replicated Wwise Project Info in Unity data is now saved at the appropriate time.