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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Release Notes - Wwise Unity Integration 2018.1.6.6858.1313

This release delivers the Wwise SDK update for Wwise 2018.1.6.


  • Wwise SDK: 2018.1.6
  • Unity: Unity 5.6, 2017.4, 2018.1, 2018.2, 2018.3 (Personal or Pro).
    Note: Important note: This integration does not support Unity 4. Compatibility with Unity versions not listed above is not guaranteed.
Platforms: Wwise Unity Integration tested on:
Xbox One
Unity 2018.2.16f1
UWP (Universal Windows Platform)
Unity 2018.3.0f2
Magic Leap (Lumin OS) Unity for Magic Leap Technical Preview (Unity-2018.1.0f2-MLTP6 with ML SDK 0.16.0)
Switch Unity for Nintendo Switch 2018.2.16f1 with NintendoSDK 6.4.0

Resolved Issues:

  • WG-36343 Fixed: Portal obstruction is set for invalid portals, which spams the error log.
  • WG-37644 Fixed: Several false reports of "AkInitializer.cs Awake() was not executed yet" printed to standard output.
  • WG-39629 Fixed: AkAudioListener is not added to the camera in some scenes when integrating the Wwise Unity Integration.
  • WG-39793 You can now connect the Wwise Profiler when the game is paused in the editor.
  • WG-40103 Fixed: Migration of WwiseTypes does not save Prefabs.
  • WG-40988 Fixed: The AkAmbient Play button does not refresh properly when playing a sound.
  • WG-41012 Fixed: Dragging-and-dropping items from the Wwise Picker to the Game Object Inspector view sometimes does not create the corresponding script.
  • WG-41018 Fixed: Undo/redo of drag-and-drop operations does not work for Component creation when initiated from the Wwise picker.
  • WG-41107 (iOS, Switch, tvOS) Fixed: No error appears when building a game which references a missing plug-in.
  • WG-41185 Fixed: The Wwise Picker window displays "Root Item" while in play mode.
  • WG-41248 (PS4) Fixed: ATRAC9 decoding fails because there is no ACP Batch buffer.
  • WG-41479 Fixed: Timeline Demo Event and RTPC tracks do not migrate.
  • WG-41514 Fixed: Dragging-and-dropping items from the Wwise Picker sometimes does not reference the correct item.
  • WG-41815 Fixed: Wwise components do not migrate correctly in Wwise 2018.1.3 up to 2018.1.6.
  • WG-41920 Ensured callbacks on AkEvents are properly saved when used on a Prefab instance.
  • WG-42016 (Switch) Added AkMotionSourceSource to packages.