Table of Contents

Troubleshooting Your Project

You can check the status of your project by generating an integrity report that displays information about platform, audio file, SoundBank and plug-in issues. By examining this report, you can deal with project issues such as:

  • Missing media files

  • Missing sources, such as missing language versions

  • Plug-in problems

  • Missing objects in SoundBanks

  • Rendering and bypass effect issues for SoundBanks

  • Rendering and RTPCs for SoundBanks

In addition to displaying the project issues, the integrity report also provides information about the issue including the following:

  • Platform - The platform on which the issue occurs.

  • Type - The type of object that is affected.

  • Object name - The name of the object or element that is affected.

  • Status - The description of the issue.

  • Comments/Suggestions - Information and suggestions about how to deal with the issue.

  • Hierarchy - The location of the affected object in the hierarchy.