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Contents Editor: Events

When you create or edit an Event in the Event Manager, the Contents Editor displays the objects associated with the selected event. The Contents Editor also contains some of the more common properties associated with each object within the Event. You can edit the properties of each object within the Event without having to load each one in the Property Editor.

Interface Element


Click the Configure Columns... shortcut (right-click) option from the column header band.

The Object Property Settings opens. Specify which columns to display and their order.


The name of the objects in the Event.


Determines whether the element is included or excluded. When selected, the element is included. When unselected, the element is not included. By default, this applies across all platforms. Use the Link indicator (to the left of the check box) to determine or to set platform-specific customizations.

When this option is unselected, the property and behavior options in the Property Editor become unavailable.

Default value: false

Voice Volume

The level or amplitude at which the object is played back.

Voice Pitch

The speed at which an object is played back.

This property is unavailable for music objects.

Voice Low-pass Filter

A recursive filter that attenuates high frequencies based on the value specified.

The units for this filter represent the percentage of low-pass filtering that has been applied, where 0 means no low-pass filtering (signal unaffected) and 100 means maximal attenuation.

(For more detail, see Wwise LPF Value Cutoff Frequencies .)

Default value: 0
Range: 0 to 100
Units: %


Any additional information about the object.