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Integrating a musical score into a video game presents many unique challenges. A video game score should not only be interactive, it should be straightforward to implement and make the best use of available resources. Wwise's interactive music features present you with tools for dealing with all of these challenges.

Wwise can add interactivity to your game score by allowing you to tie the music being played to the Actions taking place in game. Its graphical interface makes it easier for you to arrange and edit pieces of music, as well as determine how and when they will be played in your game. Wwise's interactive music features can also help you conserve resources in many ways. You can save your project's financial resources by extending limited pieces of music over several hours of gameplay. Interactive music features can also free up human resources by speeding up routine composition tasks that would have previously taken composers or other music professionals many hours to do. When it comes to your final product, these features also help you manage console resources allowing you control over the duration, occurrence, and properties of music as it is played.