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Wwise SDK 2019.1.9

◆ RoomGameObj_KeepRegistered

bool AkRoomParams::RoomGameObj_KeepRegistered

If set to true, the room game object will be registered on calling SetRoom(), and not released untill the room is deleted or removed with RemoveRoom(). If set to false, spatial audio will register the room object only when it is needed by the sound propagation system for the purposes of reverb, and will unregister the game object when all reverb tails have finished. If the game intends to post events on the room game object for the purpose of ambiance or room tones, RoomGameObj_KeepRegistered should be set to true.

Note: The room game object can be accessed though the ID that is passed to SetRoom() and the AkRoomID::AsGameObjectID() method. Posting an event on the room game object leverages automatic room game object placement by spatial audio so that when the listener is inside the room, the sound comes from all around the listener, and when the listener is outside the room, the sound comes from the portal(s). Typically, this would be used for surround ambiance beds or room tones. Point source sounds should use separate game objects that are registered as spatial audio emitters.
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Definition at line 459 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.