Table of Contents

States Tips and Best Practices

When working with States, you may want to review the following sections, which provide you with a series of tips and best practices that can help you better manage how you work with States throughout the development process.

Deleting States/State Groups

States are integrated in the game using one of two mechanisms. They can be integrated by calling an Event with a Set State action, or they can be integrated by calling the State Group and the State itself. In the former case, deleting a State or State Group will create problems in Wwise as the called State will no longer be available. In the latter case, the sound designer who intends to delete the State or State Group should advise the audio programmer of the change.

Use the Find all References command to find out where the State is being used in the project.

State Properties and CPU and Memory Usage

In Wwise, certain relative properties such as pitch can affect performance on the different platforms. The mechanism for managing pitch in Wwise is based on the sample rate. Applying pitch to objects increases CPU usage because the files must be resampled.