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Assigning States to Objects and Busses

After you have created and defined the States for your project, you are ready to assign State Groups and States to objects and Busses so that the sounds, music, and motion can match what is going on in game. You can then make specific adjustments to the properties to further differentiate the sound, music, or motion.

An object must first subscribe to one or multiple State Groups, and then all States within those State Groups are automatically assigned to the object. Each object can subscribe to multiple State Groups. You can also assign State Groups at each level in the Master-Mixer, Actor-Mixer, or Interactive Music Hierarchy.

To assign a State Group to an object:

  1. Load an object into the Property Editor.

  2. Switch to the States tab.

  3. Click the group selector (>>) button and select the State Group that you want to assign to the object.

    The associated States appear in the list. The object is now subscribed to the States in the selected State Group.