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Wwise SDK 2019.2.10

◆ idDevice

AkUInt32 AkOutputSettings::idDevice

Device specific identifier, when multiple devices of the same type are possible. If only one device is possible, leave to 0.

  • PS4 Controller-Speakers: UserID as returned from sceUserServiceGetLoginUserIdList
  • XBoxOne Controller-Headphones: Use the AK::GetDeviceID function to get the ID from an IMMDevice. Find the player's device with the WASAPI API (IMMDeviceEnumerator, see Microsoft documentation) or use AK::GetDeviceIDFromName.
  • Windows: Use AK::GetDeviceID or AK::GetDeviceIDFromName to get the correct ID. Leave to 0 for the default Windows device as seen in Audio Properties.
  • All other outputs: use 0 to select the default for the selected audio device type (shareset)

Definition at line 150 of file AkSoundEngine.h.