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Wwise SDK 2019.2.12

◆ SetPortalObstructionAndOcclusion()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SpatialAudio::SetPortalObstructionAndOcclusion ( AkPortalID  in_PortalID,
AkReal32  in_fObstruction,
AkReal32  in_fOcclusion 

Set the obstruction and occlusion value for a portal that has been registered with Spatial Audio. Portal obstruction is used to simulate objects between the portal and the listener that are obstructing the sound coming from the portal.
The obstruction value affects only the portals dry path, and should relate to how much of the opening is obstructed, and must be calculated by the client. It is applied to the room's game object, as well as to all the emitters virtual positions which propagate from that room through this portal. Portal occlusion is applied only on the room game object, and affects both the wet and dry path of the signal emitted from the room's bus.

in_PortalID Portal ID.
in_fObstruction Obstruction value. Valid range 0.f-1.f
in_fOcclusion Occlusion value. Valid range 0.f-1.f