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Wwise SDK 2019.2.13
AkDiffractionPathInfo Struct Reference

Public Attributes

AkVector  nodes [kMaxNodes]
AkReal32  angles [kMaxNodes]
  Raw diffraction angles at each point, in radians. More...
AkPortalID  portals [kMaxNodes]
AkRoomID  rooms [kMaxNodes+1]
AkTransform  virtualPos
  Virtual emitter position. This is the position that is passed to the sound engine to render the audio using multi-positioning, for this particular path. More...
AkUInt32  nodeCount
  Total number of nodes in the path. Defines the number of valid entries in the nodes, angles, and portals arrays. The rooms array has one extra slot to fit the emitter's room. More...
AkReal32  diffraction
AkReal32  totLength
AkReal32  obstructionValue

Static Public Attributes

static const AkUInt32  kMaxNodes = AK_MAX_SOUND_PROPAGATION_DEPTH
  Defines the maximum number of nodes that a user can retrieve information about. Longer paths will be truncated. More...

Detailed Description

Structure for retrieving information about diffraction paths for a given emitter. The diffraction paths represent indirect sound paths from the emitter to the listener, whether they go through portals (via the rooms and portals API) or are diffracted around edges (via the geometric diffraction API).

Definition at line 247 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.

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