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Wwise SDK 2019.2.14

◆ GetSpeakerAngles()

virtual AKRESULT AK::IAkMixerPluginContext::GetSpeakerAngles ( AkReal32 io_pfSpeakerAngles,
AkUInt32 io_uNumAngles,
AkReal32 out_fHeightAngle 
pure virtual

Get speaker angles of the specified device. The speaker angles are expressed as an array of loudspeaker pairs, in degrees, relative to azimuth ]0,180]. Supported loudspeaker setups are always symmetric; the center speaker is always in the middle and thus not specified by angles. Angles must be set in ascending order. You may call this function with io_pfSpeakerAngles set to NULL to get the expected number of angle values in io_uNumAngles, in order to allocate your array correctly. You may also obtain this number by calling AK::GetNumberOfAnglesForConfig( AK_SPEAKER_SETUP_DEFAULT_PLANE ). If io_pfSpeakerAngles is not NULL, the array is filled with up to io_uNumAngles. Typical usage:

  • AkUInt32 uNumAngles;
  • GetSpeakerAngles( NULL, uNumAngles );
  • AkReal32 * pfSpeakerAngles = AkAlloca( uNumAngles * sizeof(AkReal32) );
  • GetSpeakerAngles( pfSpeakerAngles, uNumAngles );
    Call this function only after the sound engine has been properly initialized.
    AK_Success if the end point device is properly initialized, AK_Fail otherwise.
    See also
io_pfSpeakerAngles Returned array of loudspeaker pair angles, in degrees relative to azimuth [0,180]. Pass NULL to get the required size of the array.
io_uNumAngles Returned number of angles in io_pfSpeakerAngles, which is the minimum between the value that you pass in, and the number of angles corresponding to the output configuration, or just the latter if io_pfSpeakerAngles is NULL.
out_fHeightAngle Elevation of the height layer, in degrees relative to the plane.