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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
AkModule.h File Reference

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struct   AkMemSettings


namespace   AK
  Audiokinetic namespace.


Audiokinetic Memory Manager's implementation-specific definitions.
typedef void(*  AkMemInitForThread) ()
typedef void(*  AkMemTermForThread) ()
typedef void *(*  AkMemMalloc) (AkMemPoolId poolId, size_t uSize)
typedef void *(*  AkMemMalign) (AkMemPoolId poolId, size_t uSize, AkUInt32 uAlignment)
typedef void *(*  AkMemRealloc) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pAddress, size_t uSize)
typedef void(*  AkMemFree) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pAddress)
typedef void(*  AkMemFalign) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pAddress)
typedef size_t(*  AkMemTotalReservedMemorySize) ()
typedef size_t(*  AkMemSizeOfMemory) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pAddress)
typedef void(*  AkMemDebugMalloc) (AkMemPoolId poolId, size_t uSize, void *pAddress, char const *pszFile, AkUInt32 uLine)
typedef void(*  AkMemDebugMalign) (AkMemPoolId poolId, size_t uSize, AkUInt32 uAlignment, void *pAddress, char const *pszFile, AkUInt32 uLine)
typedef void(*  AkMemDebugRealloc) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pOldAddress, size_t uSize, void *pNewAddress, char const *pszFile, AkUInt32 uLine)
typedef void(*  AkMemDebugFree) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pAddress)
typedef void(*  AkMemDebugFalign) (AkMemPoolId poolId, void *pAddress)
typedef AKRESULT(*  AkMemDebugCheckForOverwrite) ()
typedef void *(*  AkMemAllocVM) (size_t size, size_t *extra)
typedef void(*  AkMemFreeVM) (void *address, size_t size, size_t extra, size_t release)


AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT  AK::MemoryMgr::Init (AkMemSettings *in_pSettings)
AKSOUNDENGINE_API void  AK::MemoryMgr::GetDefaultSettings (AkMemSettings &out_pMemSettings)
  Obtain the default initialization settings for the default implementation of the Memory Manager. More...

Detailed Description

Audiokinetic's definitions and factory of overridable Memory Manager module.

Definition in file AkModule.h.