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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
AK.Wwise::ISourceControlDialogBase Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual HINSTANCE  GetResourceHandle () const =0
virtual void  GetDialog (UINT &out_uiDialogID) const =0
  This function is called by Wwise to get the plug-in dialog's ID. More...
virtual bool  HasHelp () const =0
virtual bool  Help (HWND in_hWnd) const =0
virtual bool  WindowProc (HWND in_hWnd, UINT in_message, WPARAM in_wParam, LPARAM in_lParam, LRESULT &out_lResult)=0

Detailed Description

Wwise dialog base interface. This must be implemented for each dialog that needs to be displayed with the Wwise look and feel.

Warning: The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
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Definition at line 49 of file ISourceControlDialogBase.h.

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