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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15

Public Member Functions

  Ak3DVector ()
  Ak3DVector (AkReal32 x, AkReal32 y, AkReal32 z)
  Ak3DVector (const AkVector &b)
  Ak3DVector (const AKSIMD_V4F32 &in_v4f32)
AkForceInline AKSIMD_V4F32  PointV4F32 () const
AkForceInline AKSIMD_V4F32  VectorV4F32 () const
  ~Ak3DVector ()
void  Zero ()
AkForceInline bool  operator== (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator!= (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator= (const Ak3DVector &b)
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator= (const AkVector &b)
AkForceInline bool  operator< (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator<= (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator> (const Ak3DVector b) const
AkForceInline bool  operator>= (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator*= (const AkReal32 f)
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator/= (const AkReal32 f)
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator* (const Ak3DVector v2) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator* (const AkReal32 f) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator/ (const AkReal32 f) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator+ (const AkReal32 f) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator- (const AkReal32 f) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator+ (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  operator- (const Ak3DVector &b) const
AkForceInline  operator AkVector ()
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  Rotate180X_90Y () const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  SphericalToCartesian (const AkReal32 azimuth, const AkReal32 elevation)
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  LinearCombination (const Ak3DVector &A, const Ak3DVector &B, const Ak3DVector &C) const
AkForceInline const Ak3DVector Normalize ()
AkForceInline AkReal32  L2_Norm () const
AkForceInline AkReal32  DotProduct (const Ak3DVector &v2) const
AkForceInline AkReal32  Dot (const Ak3DVector &v2) const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  Cross (const Ak3DVector &v) const
AkForceInline AkReal32  Length () const
AkForceInline AkReal32  LengthSquared () const
AkForceInline bool  IsAllPositive () const
AkForceInline Ak3DVector  Abs () const

Static Public Member Functions

static AkForceInline Ak3DVector  Min (const Ak3DVector &A, const Ak3DVector &B)
static AkForceInline Ak3DVector  Max (const Ak3DVector &A, const Ak3DVector &B)
static AkReal32  Determinant (const Ak3DVector &a, const Ak3DVector &b, const Ak3DVector &c)

Public Attributes

AkReal32  X
AkReal32  Y
AkReal32  Z

Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file AkVectors.h.

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