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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
AkPlane Class Reference

Public Member Functions

  AkPlane ()
  AkPlane (Ak3DVector in_p1, Ak3DVector in_p2, Ak3DVector in_p4)
  ~AkPlane ()
void  SetPlane (Ak3DVector in_p1, Ak3DVector in_p2, Ak3DVector in_p4)
bool  DoesRayIntersect (const Ak3DVector &in_Origin, const Ak3DVector &in_Destination, Ak3DVector &out_Intersection) const
AkReal32  DistPoint_to_Plane (Ak3DVector in_P, Ak3DVector &out_B) const
void  SetReflection (AkReal32 *out_mat) const
Ak3DVector  GetN () const
AkReal32  GetD () const
bool  FindIntersectionPoints (const AkPlane &in_PlaneB, AkIntersectionPoints &out_Intrs) const
Ak3DVector  GetP1 () const
Ak3DVector  GetP2 () const
Ak3DVector  GetP4 () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1089 of file AkVectors.h.

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