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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID >:
AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy > AkArray< Item *, Item *, ArrayPoolDefault, AkGrowByPolicy_NoGrow > AkArray< MapStruct< T_KEY, T_ITEM >, const MapStruct< T_KEY, T_ITEM > &, ArrayPoolDefault, AkGrowByPolicy_DEFAULT, AkAssignmentMovePolicy< MapStruct< T_KEY, T_ITEM > > > AkArray< PlaylistItem, const PlaylistItem & > AkArray< T_MAPSTRUCT *, T_MAPSTRUCT *, ArrayPoolDefault, AkGrowByPolicy_NoGrow > AkDynaBlkPool< T, uPoolChunkSize, TAlloc > AkHashList< T_KEY, T_ITEM, T_ALLOC > AkKeyDataPtrStruct< T_KEY, T_DATA, T_ALLOC > AkStringData< ArrayPoolSpatialAudio, AkOSChar > AkStringData< ArrayPoolSpatialAudio, char >

Public Member Functions

AkForceInline void *  Alloc (size_t in_uSize)
AkForceInline void *  ReAlloc (void *in_pCurrent, size_t in_uOldSize, size_t in_uNewSize)
AkForceInline void  Free (void *in_pAddress)
AkForceInline void  TransferMem (void *&io_pDest, AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID > in_srcAlloc, void *in_pSrc)

Detailed Description

template<AkMemID T_MEMID>
struct AkArrayAllocatorNoAlign< T_MEMID >

Definition at line 36 of file AkArray.h.

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