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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
AkMIDIPost Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for AkMIDIPost:

Public Attributes

AkUInt32  uOffset
  Frame offset (in samples) for MIDI event post. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from AkMIDIEvent
AkUInt8  byType
  See AK_MIDI_EVENT_TYPE_* pre-processor definitions. More...
AkMidiChannelNo  byChan
union {
   tGen   Gen
   tCc   Cc
   tNoteOnOff   NoteOnOff
   tPitchBend   PitchBend
   tNoteAftertouch   NoteAftertouch
   tChanAftertouch   ChanAftertouch
   tProgramChange   ProgramChange

Detailed Description

Definition at line 228 of file AkMidiTypes.h.

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