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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
AkSpatialAudioInitSettings Struct Reference

Initialization settings of the spatial audio module. More...

Public Member Functions

  AkSpatialAudioInitSettings ()

Public Attributes

AkUInt32  uMaxSoundPropagationDepth
  Maximum number of portals that sound can propagate through; must be less than or equal to AK_MAX_SOUND_PROPAGATION_DEPTH. More...
AkUInt32  uDiffractionFlags
  Enable or disable specific diffraction features. See AkDiffractionFlags. More...
AkReal32  fDiffractionShadowAttenFactor
  Multiplier that is applied to the distance attenuation of diffracted sounds (sounds that are in the 'shadow region') to simulate the phenomenon where by diffracted sound waves decay faster than incident sound waves. More...
AkReal32  fDiffractionShadowDegrees
AkReal32  fMovementThreshold
  Amount that an emitter or listener has to move to trigger a recalculation of reflections/diffraction. Larger values can reduce the CPU load at the cost of reduced accuracy. More...
AkUInt32  uNumberOfPrimaryRays
  The number of primary rays used in stochastic ray casting. More...
AkUInt32  uMaxReflectionOrder
  Maximum reflection order [1, 4] - the number of 'bounces' in a reflection path. A higher reflection order renders more details at the expense of higher CPU usage. More...
AkReal32  fMaxPathLength
bool  bEnableDiffractionOnReflection
  Enable diffraction at the end/beginning of reflection paths. Diffraction on reflection causes reflections to fade in and out smoothly as the listener or emitter move in and out of the reflection's shadow zone. More...
bool  bEnableDirectPathDiffraction
bool  bEnableTransmission
  Enable modeling of transmission of sound through walls. More...

Detailed Description

Initialization settings of the spatial audio module.

Definition at line 54 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.

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