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Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Release Notes 2016.2.3.6077.422

Each version of this integration matches a specific build of Unreal Engine 4. Here is what has changed between the 2016.2.2.6022.371 and the 2016.2.3.6077.422 release of the integration (in addition to upgrading to the new Unreal build).

Unreal Engine 4.12/4.13/4.14/4.15 - Wwise 2016.2.3.6077.422

  • WG-30020 Fixed: Allow possibility to dismiss the warning about missing Wwise project on editor startup.
  • WG-30695 Added support for the Switch platform.
  • WG-31076 Fixed: Marked all of the Wwise Blueprint nodes as BlueprintCosmetic to avoid running them on a dedicated server.
  • WG-31455 Added AkComponentCallbackManager. This allows better handling of required callbacks for an AkComponent, reducing concurrency risks.
  • WG-32046 Fixed: Add possibility to automatically start an AkAmbientSound on BeginPlay
  • WG-32490 Fixed: Deprecated level sequencer code
  • WG-32763 Fixed: Discontinued use of monolithic engine header files, like "Engine.h".
  • WG-32768 Fixed: Crash when loading large banks using EDL.
  • WG-32799 Fixed: Increased number of concurrent IO transfers in editor to speed up SoundBank loading.