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Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Release Notes 2017.2.5.6619.962

Each version of this integration matches a specific build of Unreal Engine 4. Here is what has changed between the 2017.2.4.6590.933 and the 2017.2.5.6619.962 release of the integration (in addition to upgrading to the new Unreal build).

Unreal Engine 4.17/4.18/4.19 - Wwise 2017.2.5.6619.962

  • WG-37624 Allowed to perform an asset diff on the Wwise .uasset files.
  • WG-37736 Reorganized some WAAPI Blueprint nodes under the "Audiokinetic" category.
  • WG-37790 Fixed bad listener handling that caused Spatial Audio failures in editor.
  • WG-37808 Fixed errors for WAAPI builds on Visual Studio 2017.
  • WG-37917 Ensured the plug-in compiles when the game does not use precompiled headers.
  • WG-38041 Fixed crash when performing occlusion calculations.
  • WG-38142 Fixed crash due to initialization of AkOcclusionObstructionService not binding SetOcclusionObstructionFcn when refresh interval is 0.