Additional Resources

Refer to the following table for an overview of the different learning materials and resources available with Wwise. We hope that these materials and resources will help you along the way as you integrate Wwise into your production pipeline.

Release Notes

Refer to the Release Notes for new feature information, product limitations, and workarounds.

Audiokinetic Launcher documentation

Use the Audiokinetic Launcher documentation to install or reinstall Wwise and its component applications.

Wwise Video Tutorials

Watch video tutorials, available on our website for all users, to learn Wwise concepts and how to perform specific tasks in Wwise.

Wwise Game Simulator Help

Refer to the Game Simulator Help for information about how to create scripts to test game scenarios on various platforms.

Wwise Certifications

Refer to the Wwise Certifications for extensive online course material.

Wwise SDK documents

Refer to the SDK documentation for information about integrating the sound engine, WAAPI®, plug-ins, and more.

Wwise Sample Project

Review the sample project and its corresponding documentation for an in-depth look at real-world sound design examples in Wwise.

Audiokinetic Q&A

Access our Audiokinetic Q&A to ask and answer questions within a community of Wwise users and experts.

Wwise Support Center

Access our online support center.