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Building SoundBanks

When determining how many SoundBanks to create, you and your programmers would typically parse the whole game to get a list of all the Wwise Events that are integrated in the game. From there, you can define the size limit and number of SoundBanks that will be required for your game. Then you can organize the Events, object structures, and media into the various SoundBanks based on the method chosen as well as the characters, objects, zones, or levels in game.

Wwise does not restrict the number of SoundBanks that can be loaded into memory. There is also no restriction on the size of the SoundBank itself. Each project will be different, and it is up to you to decide what works best for your project.

The following tasks are involved in building a SoundBank:

[Note] Note

The only restriction to the size of a SoundBank is the memory available on the system or console.