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Capture Log Filter

The Capture Log Filter dialog box allows you to include or remove entries from the Capture Log based on a series of filter options, such as item type, Wwise object name, and scope.

Interface Element




Displays notifications from the sound engine. Notifications include the status of sound engine processing actions.

Examples: Event plays. Delay starts.


Displays audio file markers and Music Segment custom cues.


Displays both Action Events and Dialogue Events triggered by Wwise or the game engine.


Displays Event Actions.


Displays changes made to property values.


Displays state changes.


Displays Switch changes.


Displays SoundBank related information, including the name of the SoundBank.

Events Preparation

Displays Events and Game Syncs that have been prepared using the PrepareEvent()and PrepareGameSyncs()functions.


Displays any errors encountered by the sound engine.


Displays any messages sent by the sound engine. Messages generally convey issues or special information. These can be programmed in the game engine.

Examples: Unknown Event name. Main character walks.

MIDI Events

Displays any MIDI Events played by the sound engine.

Information derived from the MIDI file is displayed as per the MIDI tab's MIDI Events information and, especially, the Filters . In sum, it shows which channel (1 - 16), which Event (Note-on or Note-off), which note, and the Velocity.

API Calls

Displays any API calls to the sound engine. These are listed in broad categories, which can be selected or cleared as desired, including the following:

Each listed call gives the applicable function and, if any, the passed parameters.

Selects all Types in the list.

Clears the selection for all Types in the list.

Wwise Objects

Hierarchy box

Lists the selected Wwise object to display only notifications about it, its children, and related Events.

Opens the Project Explorer - Browser dialog box where you can select the object and any corresponding hierarchy to be included in the filter.

Include parents and busses

Will include the notifications for all the hierarchical parents of the selected object and all the busses the children may be routed to.

Include game object relations

Will include everything that occurs on the same game object as the selected object. For example, let's say that you have selected Sound A as the filtered object and it plays on a Game Object that already has Sound B playing. It will add all playback relations pertaining to Sound B on that Game Object in the Capture Log view.



Displays entries that apply to all game objects.

Game object

Only displays entries that apply to specific game objects.


Include playback relation

Shows all notifications occurring in the same Event as the target objects, even if they don't apply to the target object directly. This shows all elements linked by a blue bullet.

Resets the dialog box to the default settings.

Filters the list according to the settings that you specified and closes the window.

Closes the Capture Log Filter dialog box without applying any of the changes you made to the filter settings.

Filters the list according to the settings that you specified.

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