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Common errors reported in the Capture Log

All errors that could appear in the Capture Log when profiling a game with Wwise are listed below. If your error is not listed, please contact Audiokinetic support.

When contacting support, providing clear reproduction steps greatly accelerates the investigation. Recording a profiling session while the problem is reproduced is also strongly recommended. See this section for more details: Saving the Capture Log.

Using the Wwise Project Zipper, which is accessible via the "Zip Project" option in the drop-down menu in the Projects tab of the Wwise Launcher, zip your project files and send them with your profiling session.

Most errors reported in the Capture Log have a relationship with previous notifications. To find them, select the error line and follow the connected dots on the left which indicate all messages relating to the selected instance. Reviewing previous messages often provides more context about the error.

[Note] Note

The Project Settings Logs Tab allows you to specify whether an error is logged if the number of Resume/Play-From-Beginning virtual voices exceeds a specified number.

Capture Log errors