Creating Anonymous Multi-Channel Audio Files

Anonymous channel configurations are configurations where channel roles are not known beforehand, such as "Front Left" or "LFE". They simply follow the order prescribed by the user. Special plugins have to be used in order to interpret them at run-time. Anonymous multi-channel files may consist of up to 255 channels.

Two steps are required in order to create an anonymous multi-channel file:

  1. Set a separator character for anonymous configurations in the Settings (see Defining the Multi-Channel Creator Settings);

  2. Use multiple mono audio files having the same name, suffixed with this separator and followed by a number.

Mono files will be sorted according to the value of their suffix, and will be taken together into an anonymous multi-channel audio file.

For example, let's say you want to create a 4 channel anonymous multi-channel audio file from 4 mono files. Open the Settings dialog and type, say, "." as the Suffix Separator for Anonymous Audio Files. Then, you may give them the following names:

  • MyFile.1.wav

  • MyFile.2.wav

  • MyFile.123.wav

  • MyFile.9999.wav

An anonymous configuration identified as "4 (Anonymous)" will be available in the main screen. Upon generation, an anonymous multi-channel file will be created. Channels will be ordered in ascending order of suffixes, as listed above.