Part V. Creating Interactive Music

This part includes an overview and introduction to the Interactive Music concepts in Wwise, along with extensive procedural information on how to create interactive music for your game.

  • Chapter 24, Understanding Interactive Music—an introduction to interactive music in Wwise and a comparison of vertical and horizontal project structures.

  • Chapter 25, Building the Interactive Music Hierarchy—an introduction to Music Segments, Music Tracks, Music Playlist Containers, and Music Switch Containers, understanding relative and absolute properties in relation to interactive music, and building and managing the Interactive Music Hierarchy.

  • Chapter 26, Defining Music Object Playback Behaviors—working with time settings, populating a music playlist, defining the playback behavior of Music Playlist Containers and creating groups within them, and defining the behaviors of Music Switch Containers.

  • Chapter 27, Working with Music Tracks and Segments—adding sub-tracks to Music Tracks, adding Music Tracks to Music Segments, defining the playback behavior of Music Tracks, associating sub-tracks with Switches and States, streaming music, snapping to increments in the Music Editor, working with Clips and Cues, and auditioning Music Segments.

  • Chapter 28, Working with MIDI—creating MIDI content, importing MIDI files, and understanding MIDI Target, tempo, and playback speed.

  • Chapter 29, Creating MIDI Instruments—designing a Synth One instrument or a sampled instrument, understanding MIDI note tracking, MIDI filters, and MIDI Events, adding fades to MIDI Events, using MIDI data to control object property values, using the MIDI Keymap Editor, testing an instrument with a MIDI keyboard, and routing MIDI from a DAW to Wwise.

  • Chapter 30, Working with Transitions—understanding Transitions and the Transition Matrix, setting Source and Destination properties, editing fades, and using Transition Segments.

  • Chapter 31, Using Stingers—creating Stingers, defining their playback behavior, and auditioning Stingers on their own or over music.