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Customizing State Properties for Objects

After you have assigned a State Group to an object, you can customize the properties of the individual States for that object. For each State, you can modify the following properties:

  • Pitch

  • Low-Pass Filter

  • High-Pass Filter

  • Volume

  • Make-up Gain

[Note] Note

Not all properties are used by all objects and on all platforms. For example, the Pitch property does not affect music objects and Make-up Gain doesn't affect Master-Mixer objects.

To customize the State properties for an object:

  1. Load an object into the Property Editor.

  2. Switch to the States tab.

  3. Set the values for the following properties:

    • Pitch to increase or decrease the playback speed of the object.

    • Low-Pass Filter to apply a recursive filter that attenuates high frequencies.

    • High-Pass Filter to apply a recursive filter that attenuates low frequencies.

    • Volume to adjust the level or amplitude of the output.