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Including/Excluding Audio and Motion Content for Playback

When you are creating the audio, music, and motion structures, you can decide to include or exclude certain objects from one or more platforms. For more information about working with platforms, refer to Excluding Project Elements from a Platform. When you are playing back sounds, music, or motion objects, you may choose to play only the content that is in the current platform, or play all sounds, music, or motion objects loaded into the Transport Control.

To play back platform-specific content:

  1. From the Platform Selector list on the toolbar, select the platform for the objects that you want to audition.

  2. In the Transport Control, click Inc. Only.

    The Inc. Only button turns blue and only the objects and Events in the current platform will be played in the Transport Control.

[Note] Note

To play back all objects and Events, click Inc. Only again to disable this option.