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Mapping Game Parameter Values to Switches

In Wwise, you can also use Game Parameter values to drive Switch changes. After you have created your Switch Groups and Game Parameters, you can map Game Parameter values to switches. For example, if you were using RTPCs to drive Switch changes in a car collision, the sounds and motion effects related to the impact would differ depending on the force of the impact. By using the impact force values to trigger Switch changes, you can easily ensure that the correct objects play when the collision occurs.

[Note] Note

Before you can map Game Parameter values to Switches, you need to create and define your Game Parameters. For more information on creating and defining Game Parameters, refer to Creating a Game Parameter.

To map Game Parameter values to switches:

  1. On the Game Syncs tab of the Project Explorer, double-click the Switch Group that you want to be driven by Game Parameter values.

    The Switch Group is loaded into the Switch Group Property Editor.

  2. Select the Use Game Parameter check box.

    The Graph view is enabled and the list of Switches in the Switch Group is displayed along the Y axis.

  3. From the Game Parameter list, select the Game Parameter that you want to drive the Switch change.

    The range of values for the selected Game Parameter is displayed along the X axis.

  4. In the graph view, add a point by double-clicking in the Game Parameter curve along the range and drag that point to the destination Switch.

    The Switch change is mapped to the specified Game Parameter value.

  5. Continue adding points by double-clicking along the curve, and mapping them to switches as needed.