Navigating with the Keyboard

The Wwise authoring tool can be used entirely with mouse actions, such as clicking, dragging, and scrolling. However, navigation in the authoring tool can be faster and easier by using the keyboard.

To navigate Wwise using keys, press:

  • Tab to move from one control to the next;

  • Shift + Tab to move back to the previous control;

  • Enter to activate the selected control; and

  • Arrow keys to select list options and toggle radio buttons.

[Note] Note

Within the Project Explorer, when any object is highlighted for renaming it is possible to use the Tab and Shift + Tab options to move to the next and previous objects. If that object is renamable, then it will become the object highlighted for renaming. If it is not renamable, then the highlighting and the keyboard navigation stops.

Of course, your keyboard also empowers you with many Wwise shortcuts, as described in Using Keyboard Shortcuts.