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Switches Tips and Best Practices

When working with Switches, you may want to review the following sections, which provide you with a series of tips and best practices that can help you better manage how you work with Switches throughout the audio development process.

Renaming Switches

Before changing the name of a Switch, verify how the Switches have been integrated into the game. If Switches have been integrated using strings containing the name of the Switch, changing the name will require additional programming to be able to use the Switch.

Deleting Switches/Switch Groups

Before deleting Switches or Switch Groups verify how the Switches have been integrated into the game. Switches are integrated using one of two mechanisms:

  • By calling an Event with a set Switch action - deleting a Switch or Switch Group will create problems in Wwise as the called Switch will no longer be available.

  • By calling the Switch Group and the Switch itself - sound designer who intends to delete the Switch or Switch Group should advise the programmer of the change.

Assigning Objects to More Than One Switch Group

Normally an object can only be assigned to one Switch Group. If, however, your game requires that an object be assigned to Switches in different Switch Groups, you can assign a second Switch Group at a higher level in the Master-Mixer, Actor-Mixer, or Interactive Music hierarchies .