Understanding Naming Conventions in Wwise

When naming projects and objects in Wwise, you can use any Unicode-supported character.

However, to comply with the naming restrictions of certain game engines, some restrictions apply when naming the following elements in Wwise:

  • SoundBanks

  • Events

  • Dialogue Events

  • Effect ShareSets

  • Switch Groups

  • Switches

  • State Groups

  • States

  • RTPC Game Parameters

  • Triggers

  • Work Units

For these elements, only numbers, unaccented Roman letters, and underscores are accepted. Additionally, the names cannot begin with a number.

[Note] Note

Most object names in Wwise are limited to 260 characters. SoundBank names, however, are given a 252-character limit by default; but, the actual limit is evaluated when trying to generate a SoundBank, which is written to disk within your project hierarchy's full file path. If the SoundBank's file path exceeds your operating system limit (for example, 260 characters on Windows 10 and 255 characters on macOS), then generation will fail with error 14: Can't write bank file.