Working with Queries

When you need to find a particular object in your project and the Search tool does not meet your needs, you can create a query in the Query Editor. The Query Editor is a sophisticated and powerful tool that can help you search through a project and find any object you're looking for. Your queries can be as broad or as specific as required. You can also save and reload queries to make your workflow more efficient. After running a query, you can edit all objects within the Results pane at once. For example, you can use the Multi Editor to turn streaming on or off, or change the Conversion Settings for the entire group of objects in the Results pane.

For example, you could create and run queries to do the following:

  • To locate all sounds in your project that begin with the word sword, create a query for sounds with sound type SFX and the name sword*.

  • To locate all Music Segments routed through a given bus, create a query for Music Segments with a selected output bus.

  • To locate all voices with a Low-Pass Filter property higher than 10, create a query for sounds with sound type Voice and the property/value Low-Pass Filter value greater than 10.

The Query Editor is composed of the following sections:

Query description
Criteria browser
Criteria list
Results list