Working with States

A State needs to belong to a State Group before it can be applied to any object in Wwise. You can logically organize States into State Groups in ways that make it easier to manage them. For example, you would probably find it useful to group together States associated with the main character in a game. You would then create a State Group named Main Character, to which you can add states that will be applied to the properties for the objects associated with the Main Character. From the game, you know that the main character will probably experience the following states: stunned, calm, and high stress. It would be useful to group these together and then define the property changes associated with the individual States.

After you have set up your State structure, you can subscribe objects to State Groups in the Property Editor and customize the State properties as needed.

To help you easily identify a State Group or a State in the interface, Wwise uses a unique icon to identify them.



State Group


Working with states can include the following tasks: