Working with Switches

A Switch needs to belong to a Switch Group before it can be used in Wwise. By grouping Switches into a Switch Group, you can efficiently manage the alternate sounds, music, and motion objects that are available in the game. For example, to manage the different footstep sounds of your character, you can create a Switch Group called Ground Textures. You would then create a Switch in Wwise for each ground surface that appears in your game. Based on what you already know about the different surfaces in the game, you could add Switches for gravel, grass, and concrete.

After you have created your Switch Groups and Switches, you can create Switch Containers and assign objects to the Switches. For more information about working with Switches and Switch Containers, refer to Defining the Contents and Behavior of Switch Containers.

To help you easily identify a Switch or a Switch Groups in the interface, Wwise uses a unique icon to identify them.



Switch Group


Working with Switches can include the following tasks: