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The PLUG-INS tab, seen below, is divided into two sections:

  • PLUG-INS INSTALLED: Lists all your installed optional plug-ins for the version selected in the Wwise Version list. For each plug-in, there are two associated menus:
    • The documentation menu, listing a More Info link to the website overview of the plug-in, the different pieces of plug-in-specific documentation, and all the installed pieces of documentation for this version of Wwise, such as the SDK Documentation for different platforms or the User Guide PDF in English, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese.

    • The settings menu, listing options to Open Containing Folder to the Wwise installation directory in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, or to Uninstall... the plug-in (with a confirmation prompt).

  • INSTALL NEW PLUG-INS: Displays two buttons for adding plug-ins:
    • Add Plug-ins...: Click to prompt the CHOOSE PLUG-INS page, where you can install Audiokinetic premium or Audiokinetic partner plug-ins.

    • Add from directory... or Add from archive... (list selection): Click either of these to open Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and navigate to the location of a 3rd-party (not Audiokinetic) plug-in in order to install it. If the plug-in package is already extracted from its TAR or ZIP archive, use the Add from directory... option; if the plug-in package is still in its TAR or ZIP file, use the Add from archive... option.

      See more in Installing Plug-ins.

      [Note] Cannot Install Plug-in

      As indicated in the Wwise Release Notes, each version of Wwise is compatible with only certain versions of a plug-in. If you attempt to install a plug-in and receive an error like the one seen below, then it was probably compiled with an incompatible version of Wwise or, otherwise, was somehow mispackaged.