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Wwise SDK 2021.1.8

◆ AkCallbackFunc

typedef void( * AkCallbackFunc) (AkCallbackType in_eType, AkCallbackInfo *in_pCallbackInfo)

Function called on completion of an event, or when a marker is reached.

in_eType Type of callback.
in_pCallbackInfo Pointer to structure containing callback information. This pointer is invalidated as soon as the callback function returns.
An event is considered completed once all of its actions have been executed and all the playbacks in this events are terminated.
This callback is executed from the audio processing thread. The processing time in the callback function should be minimal. Having too much processing time could result in slowing down the audio processing.
Before waiting on an AK_EndOfEvent, make sure that the event is going to end. Some events can be continuously playing or infinitely looping, and the callback will not occur unless a specific stop event is sent to terminate the event.
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Definition at line 267 of file AkCallback.h.