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virtual void AK::IAkOutOfPlaceEffectPlugin::Execute ( AkAudioBuffer in_pBuffer,
AkUInt32  in_uInOffset,
AkAudioBuffer out_pBuffer  
) [pure virtual]

Software effect plug-in for out-of-place processing.

Note: An input buffer is provided and will be passed back to Execute() (with an advancing offset based on uValidFrames consumption by the plug-in). The output buffer should be filled entirely by the effect (at which point it can report AK_DataReady) except on last execution where AK_NoMoreData should be used. AK_DataNeeded should be used when more input data is necessary to continue processing.
Note: Only the output buffer eState field is looked at by the pipeline to determine the effect state. See IAkOutOfPlaceEffectPlugin::Execute.
in_pBuffer  Input audio buffer data structure
in_uInOffset  Offset position into input buffer data
out_pBuffer  Output audio buffer data structure