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virtual ConversionResult AK::Wwise::IPluginMediaConverter::ConvertFile ( const GUID &  in_guidPlatform,
const BasePlatformID in_basePlatform,
LPCWSTR  in_szSourceFile,
LPCWSTR  in_szDestFile,
AkUInt32  in_uSampleRate,
AkUInt32  in_uBlockLength,
AK::Wwise::IProgress in_pProgress,
IWriteString io_pError  
) [pure virtual]

If the conversion failed the function is responsible of deleting any files that may have been created, even the destination file in case of error. If the function return false we will use the string put in io_pError to display an error message.

in_guidPlatform  The unique ID of the custom platform being converted for.
in_basePlatform  The unique ID of the base platform being converted for.
in_szSourceFile  Source File to convert data from.
in_szDestFile  DestinationFile, must be created by the plug-in.
in_uSampleRate  The target sample rate for the converted file, passing 0 will default to the platform default
in_uBlockLength  The block length, passing 0 will default to the platform default
in_pProgress  Optional Progress Bar controller.
io_pError  Optional error string that can be displayed if ConversionResult is not successful