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virtual void AK::Wwise::IPluginPropertySet::WaapiCall ( const char *  in_szUri,
const char *  in_szArgs,
const char *  in_szOptions,
AK::IAkPluginMemAlloc in_pAlloc,
char *&  out_szResults,
char *&  out_szError  
) const [pure virtual]

Find and call the specified procedure. Calls made using this function are always blocking.

in_szUri  URI of the procedure to call
in_szArgs  JSON string (utf-8) of arguments to pass to the procedure or NULL for no arguments
in_szOptions  JSON string (utf-8) of options to pass to the procedure or NULL for no options
in_pAlloc  Allocator used to allocate memory for the results or the error
out_szResults  JSON string (utf-8) containing the results (if any)
out_szError  JSON string (utf-8) containing the error (if any)