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AK.Wwise::Plugin::RequestedHostInterface< DataWriter > Class Reference

#include <HostDataWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for AK.Wwise::Plugin::RequestedHostInterface< DataWriter >:
AK.Wwise::Plugin::HostInterfaceGlue< DataWriter, false > ak_wwise_plugin_cpp_base_instance AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::AudioPlugin

Public Types

using  HostInterfaceDefinition = HostInterfaceGlue< DataWriter, false >
- Public Types inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::HostInterfaceGlue< DataWriter, false >
using  GluedInterface = typename CPPInstance::GluedInterface
using  Instance = DataWriter
using  CInstance = typename CPPInstance::Instance

Public Member Functions

  RequestedHostInterface ()

Public Attributes

DataWriter ::Interface &  g_dataWriterInterface = HostInterfaceDefinition::g_cppinterface

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from AK.Wwise::Plugin::HostInterfaceGlue< DataWriter, false >
static GluedInterface  g_cppinterface
  The unique interface for this plug-in interface. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 471 of file HostDataWriter.h.