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Wwise SDK 2021.1.5

◆ DisplayNamesForPropValues()

virtual bool AK.Wwise::Plugin::V1::PropertyDisplayName::DisplayNamesForPropValues ( const char *  in_pszPropertyName,
char *  out_pszValuesName,
uint32_t  in_unCharCount 
) const

Get the user-friendly names of possible values for the specified property.

This function should write pairs of value and text for the specified property to the WCHAR buffer out_pszDisplayName, which is of length in_unCharCount.

Pairs are separated by commas, and each pair contains the value and the text, separated by a colon.

Here are a few examples:

  • Numeric property: "-100:Left,0:Center,100:Right"
  • Boolean property: "0:Off,1:On"
  • Numeric property seen as an enumeration: "0:Low Pass,1:High Pass,2:Band Pass,3:Notch,4:Low Shelf,5:High Shelf,6:Peaking"
Note: This function used to be deprecated, but is actually useful in case of dynamic naming. As such, it has been reinstated. However, its usage is still not preferred. By default, you should provide your naming inside the XML, and use this function only in cases where you cannot reliably name the property in your XML. For example, you might have a switch between two modes, and the same property might have two different names. This function can then be used for this particular case.
[in] in_pszPropertyName The internal name of the property.
[out] out_pszValuesName The returned property value names, as a null-terminated string.
[in] in_unCharCount The maximum number of char in the buffer, including the terminating null.
true if the property has a user-friendly value name.
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Definition at line 268 of file PropertyDisplayName.h.