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Wwise SDK 2019.2.1
AK::MemoryMgr Namespace Reference


struct   CategoryStats
struct   GlobalStats


bool __cdecl  IsInitialized ()
void __cdecl  Term ()
void __cdecl  InitForThread ()
void __cdecl  TermForThread ()
AKRESULT __cdecl  Init (AkMemSettings *in_pSettings)
void __cdecl  GetDefaultSettings (AkMemSettings &out_pMemSettings)
  Obtain the default initialization settings for the default implementation of the Memory Manager. More...
Memory Allocation
void *__cdecl  Malloc (AkMemPoolId in_poolId, size_t in_uSize)
void *__cdecl  Realloc (AkMemPoolId in_poolId, void *in_pAlloc, size_t in_uSize)
void __cdecl  Free (AkMemPoolId in_poolId, void *in_pMemAddress)
void *__cdecl  Malign (AkMemPoolId in_poolId, size_t in_uSize, AkUInt32 in_uAlignment)
void __cdecl  Falign (AkMemPoolId in_poolId, void *in_pMemAddress)
Memory Profiling
void __cdecl  GetCategoryStats (AkMemPoolId in_poolId, CategoryStats &out_poolStats)
void __cdecl  GetGlobalStats (GlobalStats &out_stats)
void __cdecl  StartProfileThreadUsage ()
AkUInt64 __cdecl  StopProfileThreadUsage ()

Detailed Description

Memory Manager namespace.

The functions in this namespace are thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
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