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Wwise SDK 2021.1.5

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AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::DynamicSequence::Seek ( AkPlayingID  in_playingID,
AkReal32  in_fPercent,
bool  in_bSeekToNearestMarker 

Seek inside specified Dynamic Sequence. It is only possible to seek in the first item of the sequence. If you seek past the duration of the first item, it will be skipped and an error will reported in the Capture Log and debug output. All the other items in the sequence will continue to play normally.

in_playingID AkPlayingID returned by DynamicSequence::Open
in_fPercent Position into the the sound, in percentage of the whole duration.
in_bSeekToNearestMarker Snap to the marker nearest to the seek position.