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Wwise SDK 2021.1.9

◆ GetDeviceSpatialAudioSupport()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::GetDeviceSpatialAudioSupport ( AkUInt32  in_idDevice )

Returns whether or not the audio device matching the device ID provided supports spatial audio (i.e. the functionality is enabled, and more than 0 dynamic objects are supported). If Spatial Audio is supported, then you can call Init, AddOutput, or ReplaceOutput with an Audio Device Shareset corresponding to the respective platform-specific plug-in that provides spatial audio, such as the Microsoft Spatial Sound Platform for Windows. Note that on Xbox One, you need to call EnableSpatialAudio() before the sound engine is initialized, or initialize the sound engine with AkPlatformInitSettings::bEnableSpatialAudio set to true if you want spatial audio support; otherwise this will always return AK_NotCompatible.

AK_NotCompatible when the device ID provided does not support spatial audio, or the platform does not support spatial audio AK_Fail when there is some other miscellaneous failure, or the device ID provided does not match a device that the system knows about AK_Success when the device ID provided does support spatial audio
in_idDevice Device specific identifier, when multiple devices of the same type are possible. If only one device is possible, leave to 0.
  • PS4 Controller-Speakers: UserID as returned from sceUserServiceGetLoginUserIdList
  • XBoxOne Controller-Headphones: Use the AK::GetDeviceID function to get the ID from an IMMDevice. Find the player's device with the WASAPI API (IMMDeviceEnumerator, see Microsoft documentation) or use AK::GetDeviceIDFromName.
  • Windows: Use AK::GetDeviceID or AK::GetDeviceIDFromName to get the correct ID.
  • All others output: use 0 to select the default device for that type.