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Wwise SDK 2021.1.10

◆ GetOutputDeviceConfiguration()

AKSOUNDENGINE_API AKRESULT AK::SoundEngine::GetOutputDeviceConfiguration ( AkOutputDeviceID  in_idOutput,
AkChannelConfig io_channelConfig,
Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities io_capabilities 

Gets the configuration of the specified output device. Call this function to get the channel configuration of the output device as well as its 3D audio capabilities. If the configuration of the output device is object-based (io_channelConfig.eConfigType == AK_ChannelConfigType_Objects), io_capabilities can be inspected to determine the channel configuration of the main mix (Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities::channelConfig), whether or not the output device uses a passthrough mix (Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities::bPassthrough) and the maximum number of objects that can play simultaneously on this output device (Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities::uMax3DAudioObjects). Note that if Ak3DAudioSinkCapabilities::bMultiChannelObjects is false, multi-channel objects will be split into multiple mono objects before being sent to the output device.

Call this function only after the sound engine has been properly initialized. If you are initializing the sound engine with AkInitSettings::bUseLEngineThread to false, it is required to call RenderAudio() at least once before calling this function to complete the sound engine initialization.
AK_Success if a device was found for in_idOutput, returns AK_Fail otherwise.
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