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Wwise SDK 2021.1.10

◆ LoadVorbisHwAcceleratorLibrary()

AKRESULT AK::LoadVorbisHwAcceleratorLibrary ( const AkOSChar in_DllName,
const AkOSChar in_DllPath = NULL 

Load the dynamic support library which enables Vorbis HW acceleration. This must be done once before any Vorbis-encoded voice starts to play.

The plug-in DLL must be in the OS-specific library path or in the same location as the executable. If not, set AkInitSettings.szPluginDLLPath. This function can be called safely before AK::SoundEngine::Init(), but in this case you must provide a valid DLL path.

  • Ak_Success if successful.
  • AK_FileNotFound if the DLL is not found in the OS path or if it has extraneous dependencies not found.
  • AK_InsufficientMemory if ran out of resources while loading library.
  • AK_NotCompatible if version of the PS5 SDK used to build the specified dynamic library is newer than the system software version.
  • AK_InvalidFile if the library loaded does not export the expected symbols.
  • AK_Fail if an unexpected error occured.